Our Technology

The My Frontline LLC Solution is a platform independent, web-based application built using Java technologies. End-users with Intranet access interact with the system via their web browser allowing access to information and functionality based on role membership. The following high-level diagram depicts the major components of the solution. The highlighted items are software components developed by My Frontline LLC.

The core software is bundled as a Java web application, deployed to any J2EE compliant Java application server. In a standalone installation, the Java application server can serve the entire web application. Alternatively, the application server can be placed behind some web server, responsible for hosting other web applications or serving static content. The Java application server provides services for deployed web applications such as database connectivity, session management, security integration and diagnostic information. The Java application server can run on virtually any hardware platform, restricted only by the availability of the Java virtual machine (JVM).

Through the JDBC connection pooling facility, the Java application server provides access to the relational database server. The Frontline Solution requires the relational database to provide full support for the SQL92 standard, including support for sub-queries, derived tables and updateable views.

User and role security information is managed by the Java application server through interfaces with various sources such as LDAP providers, databases, and external XML files. When no such external provider is available, the application maintains user and role information internally.

The HL7 Interface is integrated into the application, seamlessly handling incoming HL7 messages. Currently, the software handles a subset of Admission Discharge and Transfer (ADT) events – those that affect patients and where patients are located within a hospital system.

  • Apache Jakarta Struts
    Struts provides an open source framework for building web applications.
  • JavaServer Pages
    JavaServer Pages technology is used to rapidly develop and easily maintain information-rich, dynamic web pages that leverage existing business systems.
  • Health Level 7 (HL7)
    HL7 provides a standard for the exchange, management and integration of data that supports clinical patient care and the management, delivery and evaluation of healthcare services.