Quality of Patient Care

The Quality of Patient Care as measured by Patient Satisfaction is the essence of a great hospital. Balancing the patient’s needs with the “right” staffing is a key differentiator of a viable institution. Achieving this balance amidst the increasing demands for more nurses and lower costs makes it more difficult to deliver quality patient care. In pursuing Quality of Care, many studies have shown a strong correlation between staff and patient satisfaction.

Balancing Quality of Care

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Managing issues such as, “acuity creep” or competency deficiencies etc. helps line managers ensure that the patient is receiving the right level of care, and the department is being adequately staffed. To effectively balance the patient’s requirements with that of the nursing staff, managers must effectively incorporate three key elements:

  • Real-time patient acuity tracking
  • Staff assignments: Right staff at the Right Time
  • Timely tracking of Planned vs Actual Results

Prior to each shift there is a premium placed on the ability to effectively assess and plan for both patient and staff requirements. Frontline helps hospitals balance the delivery of high quality patient care in the most cost effective way. To strike the balance between patient care and costs, My Frontline LLC has developed Gameplans: a unique and automatic (by default) approach to developing comprehensive plans and assessments to balance and align patient and staff requirements. These Gameplans are a constant real-time continuum, closing the loop between the Assess and Plan steps in the process as the organization pursues high quality of care and continuous performance improvement.

The Power of Insight

F:YI (Frontline: Your Insight). Achieving key business objectives requires more than just data. F:YI takes trend, current data and other information and turns it into a course of action (see below). So instead of being overwhelmed by data, the F:YI button will provide a best practices course of action for providing high quality patient care NOW, instead of discovering an issue when it is too late to resolve.

Frontline High Level View of Organization

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Hospitals that foster a strong customer-service and quality of care culture distinguish themselves daily in their markets versus their competitors. The Frontline Solution is a key enabler for hospitals that have put a high priority on quality of patient care and empower managers to align patient requirements with appropriately skilled nurses.

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