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September 25, 2008

No one needs reminding that this has been a tough year for most people. It has been tough for us as well. Our major client decided to take a slower approach to installing Frontline. The good news is that when we actually started, we moved into Medical Records (HIMS) first, where they were already doing well with an increased workload (EMR) and a reduction of 2.0 FTEs (people) below their budget of 60.0. But three months later when we finished, they were operating with 38.0 FTEs and the three managers were sure they could reduce even further, without negatively impacting the quality or process. The hospital loved the results and we are now installing our software into more departments through the rest of this year.

Ironically, tough years for the US economy are usually better for our business, as our focus - helping the front lines define their real need for FTEs - is in line with the need to reduce labor costs. Yet our business model for the last few years has been focused upon the software! I think this has been a mistake. The software supports our work in reducing labor costs but is NOT the primary function of our company. With or without the software we reduce labor costs and improve the quality of front-line management. Managers love our process: it empowers, educates, and validates. Senior management sees the improvement as it shows up on the bottom line and the managers have a new confidence and perspective on how they manage.

The problem has been that when we make a sales call the discussion is all about the software. Everyone loves our software, “it is the best tool that any manager could have”. BUT when the discussion circles around software and implementation and interfaces, the whole reason for our work, gets bogged down and lost. Fortunately we do have a way around this; we work off our own servers using Frontline to define requirements and show the managers. They continue to use it offline and demonstrate their own success. If senior management likes the results they can then decide to “bring it in-house”. No shifting the focus, no problems, no mumbo jumbo software discussions. Let us know if you or your colleagues want to see these results in your areas in just a few short weeks. Our standard guarantee is that we will identify 10% labor savings, and we usually do better than that. Sure, our software is easy to install and the savings will be easy to see. So let us focus on getting results and we will work off-line to get you those results. No IT issues. Just results.