Labor Cost

A skilled workforce is your most important asset and the effective utilization of that asset is key to the overall success of every hospital. While the costs associated with Labor continue to rise, the opportunity for saving through effective utilization is immense. A study by The American Hospital Association found that labor costs as a percentage of total hospital spending are approximately 60 percent.

The trend to increase nurse-to-patient ratio levels, coupled with the labor shortage, is another contributing factor of increased labor costs. Providing solutions to manage the cost of labor is a daunting challenge for Senior Management. It requires integrating data from multiple sources within the hospital to enable timely and accurate business performance information. Having this information available in a timely and accurate manner provides a foundation for taking effective corrective action.

My Frontline LLC delivers on this challenge, provides results quickly and makes sure your standards for Quality of Patient Care are never sacrificed.

Balancing Labor Costs

The Frontline Solution helps hospitals balance the delivery of high quality patient care in the most cost effective way. Gameplans are a unique and automatic (by default) approach to developing comprehensive plans and assessments to balance and align patient and staff requirements. These Gameplans are a constant real-time continuum, closing the loop between Plan and Deliver.

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Proactively plan for staffing requirements, manage and balance the staff needs, then finally recommend and deliver the most cost-effective service. The Frontline Solution provides a powerful and proactive approach; being able to put plans into action while monitoring and tracking changes on a shift and daily basis. Always available is the option to adjust for “right sizing” the staff in relation to the labor cost and acuity of the dynamic patient load.

The Power of Insight

F:YI (Frontline: Your Insight) Achieving key business objectives requires more than just data. F:YI takes trend, current data and other data and turns it into a course of action (see below). So instead of being overwhelmed by data, the F:YI button will provide a best practices course of action to reduce labor costs NOW, instead of discovering an issue when it is too late to resolve.

Frontline High Level View of Organization

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Results can be striking, including improved cost performance and more consistent quality of service. Staffing can make or break an organization’s ability to achieve key goals. In the past, no one has had the complete picture readily available. Now with the Frontline Solution, fully tailored to an organization’s specific needs, the complete picture is on the desktop day-in and day-out to help organizational leader’s better manage valuable personnel resources.

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