Performance Improvement

While many hospitals have attempted to improve their overall performance, most fail to address the root cause of the inefficiencies; the lack of alignment between people, process, and technology. Successful organizations have found that achieving resource optimization, visibility, and efficiency across the entire hospital requires a holistic solution that address:

  • People : empowering leaders and teams through skills training and mentoring
  • Process: coordination and discipline for balancing the delivery of quality patient care and fiscal responsibility
  • Technology: simple, easy to use, web-based tools, accessible from any computer or mobile device that provide alerts and critical information 24 X 7, and provide insight into opportunity and suggestions for improved performance.

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The Frontline Solution puts all the information needed to optimize staffing right at your fingertips. Operational indicators include productivity levels and labor cost reporting with a level of detail that reveal the root causes of problems.

By bringing people, process and technology together to establish a foundation that enables a hospital to consistently achieve organizational and business goals.

Insight on staffing effectiveness is provided on a real-time basis via dashboards, scorecards, alerts, and notifications to your desktop or wireless device. Managers can now overlay patient service levels with staffing plans to proactively determine if more costs will translate into better patient care and efficient use of resources.

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