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My Frontline LLC™ is a leading provider of performance management solutions, helping you analyze, understand, and manage the utilization of human resources to increase quality of patient care, improve performance and lower labor cost.

“Forced to operate under extremely constrained margins, healthcare organizations, globally, find it increasingly difficult to focus on delivering quality patient care while having to contend with workforce shortages, and soaring costs. Serious challenges to the industry’s viability are coming from all quarters.”

-Mike Davis, Managing Vice President, Healthcare Research and Advisory Service, Gartner Inc.

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Balancing Cost and Quality

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Striking the balance between labor costs and quality patient care enables organizations to deliver high quality care in the most cost effective manner. To achieve this balance while at the same time achieving key organizational goals requires a clear understanding of the underlying components - People, Process, Technology, Labor Costs, and Quality of Care and their interdependencies. Robust and timely information forms the basis of a thorough understanding by managers concerning the inter-relationship of these key elements while pursuing established business goals.


Frontline helps hospitals balance the delivery of high quality patient care with the incurred cost of labor. Frontline uses Gameplans (portions will be highlighted throughout this site) as a unique and automatic approach to develop comprehensive plans and assessments. These plans are part of an overall process that balance and align patient and staff requirements.

Frontline : Your Insight (F:YI)

My Frontline LLC introduces a revolutionary, web-based solution: F:YI (Frontline : Your Insight). Now for the first time, information from throughout the organization can be turned into an action-plan. This unique combination of powerful analytics coupled with an intuitive, easy to use interface make F:YI an invaluable performance management tool for executives and managers alike.

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